Fill My Groups

Day 1 – The Foundation

Learn how to design, name, position, and price your group coaching programs!

Making the Leap from 1-on-1 to Group Coaching Programs

Milana Leshinsky

Host of Fill My Groups! Virtual Conference and Founder of Coaching Genie

Discover the mindset, logistical, and marketing shifts it takes to go from running a “coaching practice” to creating group coaching programs, and truly leveraging your time and expertise.

Panel Discussion: Marketing

Top experts share what it really takes to successfully fill your group coaching programs. Panelists include Melanie Benson, Jeanna Gabellini, Michael Neely, Marie Grace Berg, Michele Moreno, Michelle Schubnel, Holly Chantal, and Tanya Smith.

The Foundation: 4 Things You Must Have in Place Before You Launch Your Coaching Program, Virtual Event, Mastermind, or Any Other Program

Jim Padilla

Master Sales Trainer, Expert Team Builder and Launch Expert

Don’t start marketing your group coaching program until you get clear on these 4 things! Miss these, and you’ll wonder why your program doesn’t sell. Taught by a top sales strategist and the “secret weapon” of top coaches.

How to Double the Price of Your Coaching Program Without Giving Any More Away

Jennifer Diepstraten

CEO and Founder of High Ticket Sales Success

Learn how to position and talk about your program to instantly elevate its value in the eyes of your ideal clients, and the mind shifts you really must make to sell “high-end” today

Sales Mindset – How to Overcome Sales Aversion to Fill Your Groups

Christine Schlonski

Sales Coach and Host of the Heart Sells! Podcast

Discover what causes sales aversion, the beliefs you may have that hold you back from making your offers with confidence, and how to become comfortable with sales even if you’re not a natural-born sales person.

How to Brand Your Coaching Program for Maximum Enrollment

Holly Chantal

Business Coach and Brand Strategist at Holly Chantal and Associates, LLC

How to Come Up with a Hot Title for Your Group Coaching Program!

Vrinda Normand

CEO at Irresistible Marketing Inc.

Learn the 3-step formula for crafting an irresistible program name to stand out above the competition, showcase your unique value, and make your ideal clients go wild! How to tell if you have a “hot” program title, and how to re-brand your program for maximum success!

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