Fill My Groups

Day 3 – The Connection

Our experts will share their favorite strategies to nurture your prospects, build trust, and deepen your relationship with them so they are ready to invest with you.

Planning for Profits: Pricing, Group Size, and Continuity

Milana Leshinsky

Host of Fill My Groups! Virtual Conference and Founder of Coaching Genie

Get clarity on how to identify the “sweet spot” price point for your program, the right size of your group, and the frequency of your enrollment.

Design a Sold-Out Group Coaching Program: 9 Keys to Creating a Coaching Program That Sells Itself!

Milana Leshinsky

Host of Fill My Groups! Virtual Conference and Founder of Coaching Genie

A value-packed training session that reveals how to design and deliver profitable group coaching programs for maximum revenue, retention, and results!

Discover the 9 keys clients are looking for from group coaching programs, how to create an amazing group coaching experience in less time, plus a demo of Coaching Genie, an easy-to-use course platform that will revolutionize your coaching business!

Design a Client-Getting Funnel and Fill Your Next Group Coaching Program

Kim Clausen

Founder and President at Ready2Go Marketing Solutions

Finally, funnels demystified! Discover how to create a client enrollment sequence, 4 secrets to developing a relationship-building funnel, and how to get started with simplicity.

Using Email Marketing to Fill Your Coaching Groups All Year Long

Marc Mawhinney

Coach and Host of the “Natural Born Coaches” Podcast

A unique approach to using email to fill your group coaching program without webinars, live streams, or strategy sessions.

How to Use a Digital Course to Fill Your Group Coaching Programs

Cloris Kylie

Marketing Consultant and International Bestselling Author of “Beyond Influencer Marketing”

Discover a super cool “paid lead magnet” strategy, which attracts your ideal audience and leads them to join your coaching program!

How to Use Live or Virtual Retreats to Fill Your Group Coaching Programs

Sheri Rosenthal

Transformational Destination Retreat Strategist and CEO at Wanderlust Entrepreneur

Learn what makes a retreat such a great tool for filling your group coaching program, how to host retreats even in the time of pandemic , how to monetize a virtual retreat, how to structure your retreats to prime people for enrolling in your program, and many more awesome tips and secrets from one of the world’s top retreat strategist!

Million Dollar Presence: How to Create Videos That Position You as a High-end Coach and Help You Fill Your Group Programs Faster!

Michele Moreno

Video Confidence Expert

Your videos say a lot about who you are, what you know, how much your expertise is worth, and what it will be like to work with you. In this session, you’ll discover why video is important for attracting clients into your coaching programs, what it means to have a “million-dollar presence” on camera, and how to achieve it.

How to Sell Out Your Group Coaching Programs Organically Inside of Your Own Facebook Group

Megan Huber

Business Acceleration Mentor

Learn how to leverage one of the most powerful social media platforms, Facebook Groups, to fill your coaching programs using a 5-step method revealed in this session.

How to Enroll Clients Through Direct Messaging

Dallas Travers

Founder of the Six Figure Coach Club

People crave connection right now, and in this session, you’ll discover how to automate your program marketing without losing personal touch with people.

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