Fill My Groups

Day 4 – The Enrollment

Discover creative new ways to turn interested prospects into paid clients and get them to join your programs!

4 Keys to Creating Your Own Profitable “Coaching Empire”

Milana Leshinsky

Host of Fill My Groups! Virtual Conference and Founder of Coaching Genie

How to think about your expertise and your business so you can create your own online coaching business with multiple streams of revenue.

Panel Discussion: Retention

Top experts share their best-practices for making sure their clients stay in the program and get results. Panelists include Cara Bell, Susan Epstein, Megan Huber, Christina Hills, Jeremy DeMerchant, and Shanna M Scott.

How to Partner with An Enrollment or Sales Specialist to Fill Your Group

Jeremy DeMerchant

Founder and CEO of Permission to Sell Consulting Group

Discover a powerful way to scale your coaching business, with lots of great tips to set your coaching program up for success.

How to Fill Your Group Coaching Program with an Experiential Zoom Session

Michelle Schubnel

Group Coaching Expert and Founder at Coach & Grow R.I.C.H.

Discover an innovative way to connect with your ideal clients and enroll them in your group coaching program. Learn exactly what an “experiential Zoom session” is, how to position and structure it, and how to convert attendees into clients.

How to Use Simple “Program Preview” Videos to Fill Your Groups

Cindy Schulson

Founder of Marketing From Within

A super clever strategy for enrolling prospects into your group coaching program by simply sharing an overview of your program. Cindy lays it out step by step with examples, definitely a must-watch!

How to Fill Your Groups All Year Long Using Automated Webinars

Rob Goyette

Creator and Founder of Fast Revenue Coaching

Imagine having a tool that fills your program for you all year long. That’s what automated or “evergreen” webinars can do for you. Rob is a master of automated webinars and will even share the script of his own best-selling 26-minute webinar to model!

How to Fill Your High-Ticket Coaching Program Using Introductory Programs

Ritamarie Loscalzo

Best-selling Author, Speaker, Internationally Recognized Nutrition and Women’s Health Authority

In this session, you’ll discover how to use a low-ticket coaching program to fill your high-ticket coaching group. Discover how to price it, what topic to focus on, and when and how to invite people into your next-level program.

How to Upsell Your Next “Higher-Level” Coaching Program

Shanna M Scott

Event Strategist and Owner of Shanna Scott Events

Discover why online challenges work so well to fill group coaching programs, when to make your offer for maximum enrollment, and a way to think about online challenges to make sure they convert!

How to Fill Year-Long Rolling Enrollment Style Coaching Groups

Susan Epstein

Boutique Business Coaching for Coaches, Mastermind & Group Coaching Expert

Recurring monthly revenue is the dream of every coach, and that’s why rolling enrollment programs can do for you. Susan will share the secrets of her coaching program with 30-50 members paying her every single month for five years!

How to Create a High-Converting Sales Page to Fill Your Coaching Program

Samantha Bennet

Founder, The Organized Artist Company

Strategies for creating an emotionally engaging experience on your sales page, when to use it in your enrollment process, and the most important questions to answer before your clients will make a decision to sign up.

How to Fill Your Group Coaching Programs with Virtual Conversion Events

Mike Gionta

Founder at TheRecruiterU

Discover the structure, the strategy, and the best practices of using a 3-day virtual event to fill your coaching program, and the mistakes to avoid along the way.

How to Fill Your Group Program with Live Webinars

Milana Leshinsky

Host of Fill My Groups! Virtual Conference and Founder of Coaching Genie

Hosting live webinars is one of the most powerful strategies to fill your coaching programs. Milana has hosted hundreds of live webinars, generating almost $8 million dollars in revenue, so you’ll be learning the best practices from a true master!

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