Fill My Groups

Day 5 – The Retention

Learn the surprising ways to make sure your clients stay in the group, get results, and tell others about your coaching program!

Get Your Coaching Program Done in 3 Steps!

Milana Leshinsky

Host of Fill My Groups! Virtual Conference and Founder of Coaching Genie

Putting it all together: 3 keys to getting your program ready to deliver to clients, and the simple tool for getting it all done!

Group Coaching Success

Q&A with Milana and team

How to Make Your Team a Profit Center in Your Coaching Programs

Tina Forsyth

Founder of Certified OBM® and Next Level Leadership Coach

Getting clients into your program is one thing, wowing and keeping them is another. Discover the 3 key areas your team can run for you and ensure that your clients are happy (and never cancel!).

10 Common Group Coaching Problems You Can Fix with Onboarding (and Skyrocket Your Client Retention and Referrals)

Cara Bell

Founder and CEO of The Incredibly Attractive Marketing Co.

Your clients just gave you money, now what? In this session, you’ll discover exactly how your clients feel, what they are thinking about, and the steps you need to take after your clients sign up! Don’t miss this session, or you might be losing the clients after they enroll in your coaching program.

Coaching Genie Showcase: How Coaches Use This Simple and Innovative Platform to Revolutionize Their Business

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