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Fill My Groups Virtual Conference Now

Get the Recordings of the Fill My Groups Virtual Conference Now

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Unlock unlimited access to all 30+ sessions and panel discussions, plus amazing bonuses to help you grow a successful coaching business!

Congratulations on joining the “Fill My Groups” Virtual Conference!

This event is unlike any other! It is the ultimate MASTERCLASS on filling your groups and coaching programs with clients, and I’m excited that you have decided to join us!

Each session unlocks proven strategies from highly experienced experts who mastered them.

The best part is, it’s absolutely FREE to attend!

Now, you might be wondering….

“Milana, what if I miss a session?”

I hear this question often, so let me explain how this all works.

The virtual conference is happening on March 15-19, 2021 and you will have until Sunday, March 21 to access all the sessions.

After that, the replays of all the sessions will be locked away for our All-Access Pass holders.

But if you grab your All-Access Pass, you will have unlimited access, plus enjoy the amazing bonuses we have for you!

Learn at your own pace and get on-demand anytime access to all sessions with the All-Access Pass

With the All-Access Pass, enjoy learning whenever it’s convenient for you and on any device!

You can relax knowing that you can come back whenever you want to freshen up on your favorite sessions.

You’ll even get amazing bonuses!

So why should you upgrade your ticket when you can attend for free?

Not only will you learn from some of the most successful, biggest and brightest minds in the industry today, but having the recordings of ALL these sessions will help you implement what you have learned and reap the benefits over and over!

Yours today for only $497 $97

Extend Access to All These Sessions:

Making the Leap from 1-on-1 to Group Coaching Programs – Milana Leshinsky

The Foundation: 4 Things You Must Have in Place Before You Launch Your Coaching Program, Virtual Event, Mastermind, or Any Other Program – Jim Padilla

How to Double the Price of Your Coaching Program Without Giving Any More Away – Jennifer Diepstraten

Sales Mindset – How to Overcome Sales Aversion to Fill Your Groups – Christine Schlonski

How to Brand Your Coaching Program for Maximum Enrollment – Holly Chantal

How to Come Up with a Hot Title for Your Group Coaching Program! – Vrinda Normand

6 Profitable Group Programs You Can Create – Milana Leshinsky

How to Fill Your Groups Using Guest Appearances on Podcasts – Melanie Benson

How to Fill Your Group Coaching Programs Using Livestreams! – Tanya Smith

How to Use a Book Launch to Fill Your Group Program – Mary Silver

How to Host Your Own Virtual Summit to Build Your Audience and Fill Your Group Coaching Program! – Milana Leshinsky

The Magic of Using JV Partnerships to Fill Your Group Coaching Programs – Marie Grace Berg

How to Fill Your Group Programs Using Your Own Podcast – Michael Neeley

Launch Re-imagined: How to Launch Your Group Coaching Program Without Crushing Your Soul – Jeanna Gabellini

How to Use Your Website to Fill Your Group Program – Christina Hills

Filling Your Group Programs Using Your Own YouTube Channel – Alzay Calhoun

How to Upsell Your Next “Higher-Level” Coaching Program – Shanna M Scott

How to Create a HIgh-Converting Sales Page to Fill Your Coaching Program – Samantha Bennet

How to Fill Your Group Program with Live Webinars – Milana Leshinsky

10 Common Group Coaching Problems You Can Fix with Onboarding (and Skyrocket Your Client Retention and Referrals) – Cara Bell

Strategically Use Your Lead Magnets to Fill Your Group Programs Throughout the Entire Year – Jennifer Dunham

4 Simple Principles for Creating Your Own Coaching “Empire” – Milana Leshinsky

Design a Client-Getting Funnel and Fill Your Next Group Coaching Program – Kim Clausen

Using Email Marketing to Fill Your Coaching Groups All Year Long – Marc Mawhinney

How to Use a Digital Course to Fill Your Group Coaching Programs – Cloris Kylie

How to Use Live or Virtual Retreats to Fill Your Group Coaching Programs – Sheri Rosenthal

Million Dollar Presence: How to Create Videos That Position You as a High-end Coach and Help You Fill Your Group Programs Faster – Michele Moreno

How to Sell Out Your Group Coaching Programs Organically Inside of Your Own Facebook Group – Megan Huber

How to Enroll Clients Through Direct Messaging – Dallas Travers

Design a Group Coaching Program That Sells – Milana Leshinsky

Planning for Profits: Pricing, Group Size, and Continuity of Your Group Coaching Program – Milana Leshinsky

How to Partner with An Enrollment or Sales Specialist to Fill Your Group – Jeremy DeMerchant

How to Fill Your Group Coaching Program with an Experiential Zoom Session – Michelle Schubnel

How to Use a Simple “Program Preview” Videos to Fill Your Group – Cindy Schulson

How to Fill Your Groups All Year Long Using Automated Webinars – Rob Goyette

How to Fill Your High-Ticket Coaching Program Using Introductory Programs – Ritamarie Loscalzo

How to Fill Year-Long Rolling Enrollment Style Coaching Groups – Susan Epstein

How to Fill Your Group Coaching Programs with Virtual Conversion Events – Mike Gionta

How to Make Your Team a Profit Center in Your Coaching Programs – Tina Forsyth

Get Your Coaching Program Done – Milana Leshinsky

Yours today for only $497 $97

The 5-day virtual conference will focus on these 5 key areas:

The Foundation

Learn how to design, name, position and price your group coaching programs!

The Leads

Discover the top strategies to attract your perfect prospects for your coaching programs.

The Connection

Our experts will share their favorite strategies to nurture your prospects, build trust, and deepen your relationship with them so they are ready to invest with you.

The Enrollment

Discover creative new ways to turn interested prospects into paid clients and get them to join your programs!

The Retention

Learn the surprising ways to make sure your clients stay in the group, get results, and tell others about your coaching program!

Plus, you’ll get access to these amazing bonuses!

Almost $1000 in FREE Bonuses with Your All-Access Pass, but Only for the Next 30 Minutes.

Bonus #1 – Value $15

Copy of Milana Leshinsky’s Amazon Best-Selling Book:

Coaching Millions: Coaching Millions: Help More People, Make More Money, Live Your Ultimate Lifestyle

It offers a practical step-by-step plan for creating a real multi-facetted business in which getting clients becomes a “side effect” of everything else you do. You’ll discover the six steps to building a thriving business that gives you the freedom to do what you love to do while creating true wealth for yourself and your family.

No matter where you are today, you will quickly uncover new profit centers in your coaching business and will dramatically improve your lifestyle for many years to come.

Bonus #2 – Value $15

Copy of Milana’s Leshinsky’s Brand-New Book:

Simplicity Entrepreneurship: Escape Burnout, Find Flow, and Discover the Shortest Path to Profit

You’ll learn the 9 biggest traps most entrepreneurs fall into that cause a lot of self-doubt, confusion, and frustration, and ultimately keep them from growing their business.

You will also discover the #1 secret all highly successful business owners use that allows them to grow with more confidence and ease.

Finally, you’ll discover that growing a business doesn’t have to come from doing MORE, and instead can come from doing LESS, and how to know exactly what to focus on in your business to scale without burnout.

Bonus #3 – Value $97

Copy of Milana’s Leshinsky’s Book:

Beyond Book Profits: How to Turn Your Book or Info-Product into a Profitable Multiple Income Stream Business

You have a unique opportunity to connect with your readers and build a profitable business by leveraging your nonfiction book into many different solutions. This guide will show you exactly how to do this quickly and easily, while transforming you into a savvy entrepreneur!

Bonus #4 – Value $997

My First Big Launch

A Complete System with a Proven Step-By-Step 28-Day Product Launch Blueprint for Coaches. A product launch is the single strategy that can help you fill your coaching programs and get a RUSH of customers ready and willing to pay a premium for your products and programs!

Get Unlimited Access to All 30+ Sessions and Panel Discussions, Plus 4 Amazing Bonuses for Just $497 $97

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