Fill My Groups

Day 2 – The Leads

Discover the top strategies to attract your perfect prospects for your coaching programs

6 Profitable Group Programs You Can Create

Milana Leshinsky

Host of Fill My Groups! Virtual Conference and Founder of Coaching Genie

Discover the 6 different group coaching models and how to choose the right one for your business.

How to Fill Your Groups Using Guest Appearances on Podcasts

Melanie Benson

Podcast Host, Revenue Strategist, and Profit Amplifier

Podcast guesting is one of the most well-aligned marketing strategies for coaches, driving traffic and building connections with potential clients. But most people make a ton of mistakes. Melanie reveals how to attract clients into your coaching programs after every interview!

Panel Discussion: Enrollment

Top experts share their best-practices for enrolling clients into their group coaching programs. Panelists include Alzay Calhoun, Sheri Rosenthal, Jim Padilla, Mary Silver, Cindy Schulson, Dallas Travers, and Samantha Bennett.

How to Fill Your Group Coaching Programs Using Livestreams!

Tanya Smith

Online Video Marketing Strategist

Discover how to create, structure, and share live stream videos to attract and convert clients into your group coaching programs

How to Use a Book Launch to Fill Your Group Program

Mary Silver

Business and Success Coach

Learn what makes a book launch a highly effective strategy for filling a group program, the basic structure of a book launch, and the best ways to introduce your program during the launch.

How to Host Your Own Virtual Summit to Build Your Audience and Fill Your Group Coaching Program!

Milana Leshinsky

Host of Fill My Groups! Virtual Conference and Founder of Coaching Genie

The Magic of Using JV Partnerships to Fill Your Group Coaching Programs

Marie Grace Berg

Founder and CEO of Blissful Berg Media

Learn the secrets of filling your coaching programs by partnering with other people in your niche, including where to find JV partners, what to have in place to be JV-ready, and how to actually get them to promote your program.

How to Fill Your Group Programs Using Your Own Podcast

Michael Neeley

Podcast Mentor and Host of Consciously Speaking

Discover why your own podcast can be a great marketing tool to fill your coaching programs, the steps you must take before you invite your audience into your coaching program, and the best practices for starting and running your own podcast show.

Launch Re-imagined: How to Launch Your Group Coaching Program Without Crushing Your Soul

Jeanna Gabellini

Master Business Coach

Learn how to fill your group programs by unleashing your creativity, finding your own way, and replacing the stressful “crush it” launch formula that burns so many people out! Dozens of ideas to fill your program inside this session!

How to Use Your Website to Fill Your Group Program

Christina Hills

WordPress Expert Trainer

Learn why having a sales page for your coaching program isn’t enough to attract clients and the most important things your coaching website must do to leverage it to increase enrollment.

Filling Your Group Programs Using Your Own YouTube Channel

Alzay Calhoun

Founder at Coveted Consultant

Learn how having a YouTube channel will help you get more coaching clients and fill your programs, what kind of videos you can create quickly and easily, and what to include in your videos to make sure you’re leveraging them to fill your group programs.

Strategically Use Your Lead Magnets to Fill Your Group Programs Throughout the Entire Year!

Jennifer Dunham

Founder of Time, Money & Happiness Matters

Don’t want to rely on launches? Then watch this training to discover how to create, position, distribute, and enroll clients into your program by offering a free gift on your website.

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